Different Kinds of Limousine 

Limousines are epitome of class and suave. There are different kinds of limousines on the planet and they can be chosen for different occasions. Several limousine companies offer a large fleet of limousines that you can choose from. In considering limos, there are a wide range of sorts from which to pick base on your requirements and your financial plan. Decide what number of individuals will ride in the limo. Ensure you’ll have enough room. You’ll be more alright with additional room as opposed to filling the limo to its most extreme seating limit. Individuals have diverse sizes, so as a general guideline you’re in an ideal situation getting a limo with seating limit bigger for two people and more. Never forget to survey highlights and features that you may need included.

Here are the general types of limousines:

  • Luxury sedans 
  • This is one of the smallest limousines in the array of limousines. It is usually cheap.


  • Stretch Sedans
  • It’s called stretch because it has more legroom than the luxury sedan. This is mostly popular for proms and other special occasion that may need a lot space for people to socialize on.
  • Passenger Stretch limousines 
  • This kind of stretch limousine will differ depending on how many people can be fit inside. The following are the types of stretch limousines: 6 passenger, 8 passenger and 12 passenger
  • 12-18 passenger super stretch limousines 
  • These limousines are premium due to limited availability.

If you are looking for a great limousine ride, make sure that you pick the one that fits your preference and can also fit your companions inside well. We don’t want our loved ones riding a limousine ride uncomfortably. If you’re going to spend money on something like the limousine service, opt for the best and don’t ever cheapen the ride. It’s okay to be frugal but remember to not spoil the fun of it.

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