How to Choose the Best Limo Service   

Limousines can be great a gift. It can also be a great way to celebrate any holidays with the people you love. Of course you’ll always want the special people in your life to get the best of the best so you’ll have to find the best service that you can find. Here are some tips to find the right and the best limousine service:

There’s a tough competition out there for limousines companies. You have to find the best limousine rental company so that everything goes smoothly.

1. Reviews

The great way to ensure you and your family that they get only the best is through the reviews. You can search online on the internet or get reviews by mouth from other people that you know have used the services of that particular limousine service. Talk to them and ask them questions.


2. Experience

Experience comes with time. It’s fine to judge a limousine company by how long it has been in the business. To make sure that you have the best service, ask how long they have been giving service and why they think they are the best. The experience is the evidence of their passion and determination to give the best service. And also because they have spent so long in the business, they have established that they do have the skill and the knowledge to do their job.

3. Fleet

When shopping for the right limo service, be sure to check out their fleet. This is the place you’ll have the capacity to check whether a company has precisely what you’re searching for. You may even observe an alternate choice that you like significantly more! Looking at the fleet guarantees that you book a vehicle that has enough space for your companions and has every one of the courtesies you’re searching for. On the off chance that a company you like doesn’t have what you’re looking for–say, an antique-looking vehicle–talk to a delegate at once. They might have the capacity to find the vehicle you’re searching for with the goal that you get precisely what you require.

Different Kinds of Limousine 

Limousines are epitome of class and suave. There are different kinds of limousines on the planet and they can be chosen for different occasions. Several limousine companies offer a large fleet of limousines that you can choose from. In considering limos, there are a wide range of sorts from which to pick base on your requirements and your financial plan. Decide what number of individuals will ride in the limo. Ensure you’ll have enough room. You’ll be more alright with additional room as opposed to filling the limo to its most extreme seating limit. Individuals have diverse sizes, so as a general guideline you’re in an ideal situation getting a limo with seating limit bigger for two people and more. Never forget to survey highlights and features that you may need included.

Here are the general types of limousines:

  • Luxury sedans 
  • This is one of the smallest limousines in the array of limousines. It is usually cheap.


  • Stretch Sedans
  • It’s called stretch because it has more legroom than the luxury sedan. This is mostly popular for proms and other special occasion that may need a lot space for people to socialize on.
  • Passenger Stretch limousines 
  • This kind of stretch limousine will differ depending on how many people can be fit inside. The following are the types of stretch limousines: 6 passenger, 8 passenger and 12 passenger
  • 12-18 passenger super stretch limousines 
  • These limousines are premium due to limited availability.

If you are looking for a great limousine ride, make sure that you pick the one that fits your preference and can also fit your companions inside well. We don’t want our loved ones riding a limousine ride uncomfortably. If you’re going to spend money on something like the limousine service, opt for the best and don’t ever cheapen the ride. It’s okay to be frugal but remember to not spoil the fun of it.

5 Things to Know Renting a Limousine 

Riding a limousine all the time is very expensive, unless obviously if you’re a Hollywood Celebrity then it’s a no major ordeal. Be that as it may, it’s no sin to humor ourselves once in a while and gift ourselves an ostentatious ride for special events. It’s not the 15th Century where the only people who can afford a limousine ride are the royalty. Although we’re going to need a little bit more money on this one, might as well make sure that we get the best out of our money!

A limo ride is a luxury everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Follow these tips below before renting a limousine so you can have the best limo ride of your life!


1. Know What You Need

Before going around finding and hiring a limousine, make sure you know what you need first so when the time comes when the company would ask you questions then it wouldn’t take too much time for you and the company to make a deal. So grab a pen and paper and write what you need. These include:

  • The kind of occasion
  • How many passengers
  • How many of pick-up stops
  • Distance from and to the event
  • The amount of time you’ll need the limousine
  • Time and day of pick-up


And also don’t forget what you want! A special occasion might require special features. Don’t hesitate to ask if they have what you want, after all you’re paying a great deal of money for it!


2. Research for Reliable Limousine Company

Now that you know what you want and need, start searching for a limousine company that offer the services and features that you want. Go on the internet or search on the Yellow Pages. List down what you found that suit your preferences and research more about their reputation as a company, licenses and such. Always be wary if you see a little hint of trouble. Do they require more than 50% deposit? Avoid them, they’re probably going to scam the money off your credit card.  Check photos of their limousines beforehand on the internet or go into their office. Also, compare prices from other companies. Limousine rental services is such a competitive business, so look around and get more than one company to choose from.


3. It’s More Than Just a Car That You’re Paying For

A limousine service is more than just the vehicle you sit in. If you rent a limo, you pay for the gasoline among other things. So make sure you state where you really want to go. The limo service estimates how many miles you’d go and roll the fuel fee into its quote.

Also expect to shell out for any road tolls and parking fee. The chauffeur, too, is a big part of a successful limo experience. You’re going to pay for the tip. Make sure you clearly ask after consultation, if the price includes everything you are going to spend on. And also ask these questions about the chauffeur: Does he or she have the right manner for a prom, party wedding? Are they familiar with the route you’ll be taking? Also, one of the most important thing to ask if whether the company checks their drivers.


4. Travel with More than Five Companions

Most limo services charge by car, not by person. And they offer six-passenger, eight-passenger, and/or 10-passenger cars. Since the six-traveler cars are less expensive, you’ll maximize your cash by filling one of those. If you’d like a little bit more room then go ahead and ask for it.

But then again, cheaper isn’t always better. Service is so important to your experience that it may be worth paying a little more for a great company.


5. Limousine Ride can Be a Great Gift On Any Occasion

When you think about a limo, you think extravagance. Riding in a limousine makes an impeccable present for the most special events in life. Many individuals just wish to ride once in their life time in a limousine but don’t have the chance to. You can make it a short ride from the home of the celebrant to restaurant or a long travel which will all rely on upon your financial plan and what you have arranged.